GB Textiles: “The best of both worlds”

Since 1998 we are one of the most leading and innovative textile companies worldwide, based in Seoul, Korea. Owner and founder Kenny Choi started GB Textiles with a clear vision ahead of him: “bridging the fashion fabric field to an international field of middle- to high end fashion brands”. Kenny’s drive was to have the best of both worlds which is exactly were GB Textiles stands for “Grand Both”.

Over the past years we have been expanding, exploring and investing (as you can read in our timeline). Nowadays we are operating into the international market and exporting worldwide. Our Grand Both vision became the red line of the company and has also been integrated to selected iconic fabrics whom are all named after international famous bridges. Besides those iconic fabrics we became master in top- and backside finished, fashion fabrics, breathable functional fabrics with water columns, industrial fabrics and technical knit.

The fashion industry is changing and developing all the time. We are in up front by following the trends and those developments. In the past years, since 2016, sustainability became very important within our company. In order to stay leading within this exploding fashion field we recently started to develop natural dyeing products. It is important for us to make good quality for a good price and always be on the move!

Our company values in a nutshell: customer respect – diligence – loyalty – consistency – high quality standard – reliability

In the very first beginning, GB Textiles focused on the development of natural or cotton mixed materials for the casual-wear market. Throughout the years we were one of the first by developing breathable material. Until 2005 this was only for Pro-Sportswear, ski, climbing and so on by using Synthetic materials.

In those four years we managed to be well introduced into the European market with a good result and response. Besides we started with the development of breathable material (with natural casual material) to give a function on the casual-wear and to have a more value-added product. Also, we finished the vintage (wax) especially for men’s wear.

Every year we have been innovating and expanding! Because of the growth of GB Textiles we were able to compile a Research and Development team in cooperation with European Consultants which led to new chances and opportunities. Another highlight was our qualification for Première Vision Paris in 2013 and our attendance at the Performance Days Munich in 2014. Like the Research and Development team we compiled in cooperation with European Consultants.

Our development regarding breathable items expanded with all types of natural items like wool, silk, wool alternatives, synthetics, downproof qualities, vintage finishes, multi-layer breathable function fabrics (2L, 2,5L, 3L, 3,5L) and more fancy fashion items. Much progression has been made on the various finished of vintage (wax) and we have been certified by a worldwide certification system for environmentally friendly and socially responsible production facilities in the textile and clothing industry named the RCS in 2017 and in 2019 by the GRS & GOTS both from Control Union.

Recently a laboratory aspect is launched known as E.I.L ‘Exclusive Innovation Lab’. All latest trending topics will be introduced among a selected group of customers.